NFP Marketplace graphic showing exchange offerings of Group-Employer, Individual, Medicare and Medicade options

The NFP Marketplace is a private exchange designed to manage costs for employers and offer competitive benefit options for employees. It enables employers to offer health insurance options to its entire workforce:

  • Employees eligible for group-sponsored coverage
  • Individuals who do not qualify for group-sponsored coverage
  • Under and over age 65 retirees
  • Medicaid eligible individuals

Leveraging a proprietary and user-friendly portal, consumers can research, compare and enroll in affordable health coverage. Consumers can be directed to the NFP Marketplace portal at


The NFP Marketplace allows employees eligible for group-sponsored coverage to shop for and select benefits that meet their needs and those of their family using an array of flexible contribution strategies — traditional employee funded arrangement, set amount of employer-provided funds (defined contribution) or a combination of both.

Powered by bswift, this online solution provides employees the freedom to choose from a greater number of plan options, with the potential for additional and more personalized coverage. NFP Marketplace also features “Ask Emma,” an interactive decision support tool that guides employees through the buying process by asking a few simple questions and suggesting the plans that fit their individual needs.

Additional features include:

  • More than 100,000 employees employee lives administered on the platform
  • Shopping tools and enrollment for employees
  • Employer tools, including ACA reporting, dashboards and alerts
  • Proprietary analytics, including benchmarking
  • Electronic data interchange files and transmissions to carriers and payroll
  • Financial management, including consolidated billing and reconciliation


The NFP Marketplace solution for individuals makes it easy for people who do not qualify for employer-sponsored coverage to access affordable health insurance — at no cost to employers. Through GetInsured, the NFP Marketplace:

  • Provides employees with comprehensive health insurance benefits at a much lower cost than COBRA
  • Gives part-time employees instant access to federal tax credits that may save them thousands of dollars on health care
  • Helps pre-65 retirees make informed decisions about health insurance and enroll in affordable coverage by taking advantage of available tax credits

Additional features include:

  • Quick and consumer-friendly experience with service center support
  • Proprietary plan scoring system that identifies plan options that best fit an individual’s needs
  • Filtering tools that find health options quickly based upon plan type, cost, plan features and metal tier
  • Interactive decision-making tools, such as side-by-side comparisons
  • More than 7,700 health plan options covering hundreds of reputable health insurance companies


The NFP Marketplace solution for retirees and those eligible for Medicare enables retirees to choose from a wide selection of Medicare options, carriers and plan designs, including Medicare supplements, Advantage and prescription drug plans. With these options, powered by HealthPlanOne, retirees can avoid “one size fits all” and choose the type and level of coverage that best meets their needs.

Additional features include:

  • National relationships with more than 80 carriers representing over 7,000 plan options
  • Decision-making tools such as plan education and plan comparisons
  • Service center staffed by licensed and salaried advisors providing unbiased advice


NFP Marketplace provides employees who may qualify for Medicaid with additional information, such as eligibility, enrollment and frequently asked questions, based on their state residence.

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